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Press Releases

News from 08.09.2017

Resistant to heat and chemicals: Luranyl® HT PPE+PA blends

High demands are made on resistance to heat and numerous aggressive substances, such as oils and glycol, in heating and engine design. With Luranyl® HT, ROMIRA offers a product group to satisfy these requirements. Read more
News from 06.09.2017

New automotive expert

Strategic alignment and support for local sales staff: In general, these are the tasks of the new Key Account Manager Automotive, Taner Kaplan (47). Read more
News from 23.08.2017

Styrene copolymer: The rubber makes the difference

Styrene copolymers are in great demand around the world because of their versatility and the correspondingly high number of possible applications – and there is no end in sight. ROMIRA is strongly investing in improving the existing products and developing new, innovative product solutions as a compounder for specialties. Read more


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