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Whether you need UV-stable plastics, anti-counterfeiting security pigments, dazzling colours for lifestyle articles or propellants for high-quality foamed products: we offer you technical expertise across a huge portfolio of applications in the plastics industry and help you to satisfy the needs of your customers.

Application scenarios


Automotive is without a doubt one of the most important industry sectors worldwide. In this field of manufacturing, engineering plastics have long since established themselves as indispensable construction materials.

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Electrical and electronics

Whether power or drive systems, equipment or electrical engineering: many of our electrical and electronics customers are absolutely dependent on reliable systems that work perfectly and whose plastic components should be as low-wear and as highly durable as possible.

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Bespoke plastics are becoming increasingly significant for the construction sector. Here, engineering plastics can offer excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion caused by aqueous solutions, acids and bases – areas where metal parts in particular are bound to fail.

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Household items and utensils

In this constantly changing market, ROMIRA is your experienced and reliable partner for developing products to meet the new challenges you are facing in design or functionality, for example.

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Horticulture and agriculture

Whether in irrigation systems or for the construction of lighting and other fittings: Engineering plastics are represented in many applications right across the agri-/horticultural sector.

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Medical and lab technology

Plastics used in the healthcare and lab industry must be capable of meeting a wide range of demanding requirements on a daily basis.

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