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Medical and lab technology

Medical and lab technology

Plastics used in the healthcare and lab industry must be capable of meeting a wide range of demanding requirements on a daily basis.

Innovation in the market

Thanks to our long experience with engineering plastics, ROMIRA’s technicians know exactly what customers need to meet the challenges of this particularly sophisticated market. Aesthetically pleasing, high-quality products are required, in combination with functional and safety features such as

  • Resistance to stress fractures from chemicals and disinfectants
  • Flame retardant qualities
  • Dimensional stability
  • Thermal deformation resistance

ROMIRA offers you individual plastics solutions that give you that crucial advantage to ensure that you remain both successful and innovative in the marketplace.

With the additional use of additives (e.g. laser marking capabilities), ROMIRA’s compounds can be developed to match the carefully selected set of properties needed by the customer. Apart from a broad choice of materials with their corresponding functionality, ROMIRA also offers comprehensive expert advice – from the choice of materials to applications engineering.

Talk to us about your issues and needs – and we’ll work together to develop the solution!

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