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Plastic instead of metal


Bespoke plastics are becoming increasingly significant for the construction sector. Here, engineering plastics can offer excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion caused by aqueous solutions, acids and bases – areas where metal parts in particular are bound to fail.

Versatile foundations

Whether for window sections or piping, cable channels or housing facades, construction materials have to stand up to a wide range of demanding requirements. 

With their special property characteristics, our filled and unfilled LURANYL® PPE/PS-I and PPE/PA blends offer an outstanding foundation on which to base demanding applications such as extrusion-moulded pipes and sections or the manufacturing of especially complex injection-moulded pipes. ROMIRA has also been supplying a number of its own LURANYL® blends with KTW, ACS and WRAS approval since 2002, for deployment both in cold-water and hot-water applications.

ROMIRA offers you a versatile portfolio of plastics solutions specifically customised and tailored to your individual requirements. Easy to handle and highly effective, they offer you a steady stream of deployment options in shell construction and interior fit-out.

ROMIRA is happy to advise you on your plans and offers support for new developments or improvements to your existing products.

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