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Low-wear and highly durable

Electrical and electronics

Whether power or drive systems, equipment or electrical engineering: many of our electrical and electronics customers are absolutely dependent on reliable systems that work perfectly and whose plastic components should be as low-wear and as highly durable as possible.

Tailor-made solutions

With their specialised material properties, engineering plastics are especially suited to deployment as insulators, heat and electrical conductors or for use in antistatic housing. Ease of processing, low weight and superior corrosion resistance also offer other good reasons why thermoplastic materials enjoy broad-based use for these kinds of applications.

ROMIRA can offer expert guidance in selecting the material suited to your application from our comprehensive range of products featuring specialised materials – offering

  • High electrical conductivity or insulation
  • Flame retardant qualities
  • Good chemical resistance
  • High thermal deformation resistance
  • Dimensional stability
  • A specific profile for mechanical characteristics

– or can develop a tailor-made solution to your requirements to match your specific projects and needs.

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