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Horticulture and agriculture

Engineering plastics are represented in many applications right across the agri-/horticultural sector. Whether in irrigation systems or for the construction of lighting and other fittings, many customers value the versatility of ROMIRA’s plastics in terms of the ease with which they can be shaped and coloured, their weather-resistant qualities, and their chemical and mechanical properties.

Compounds and blends

ROMIRA can offer you a broad palette of specialised compounds and blends for specific applications – such as

  • UV protection
  • Aesthetical qualities
  • Flame retardant qualities
  • Thermal dimensional stability
  • Impact resistance (also at low temperatures)

– which are an outstanding choice for end products to be used on golf courses, in horticulture and agriculture, and for use by private landowners.

Talk to us about your issues and needs – and we’ll work together to develop the solution!

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