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Press Releases

News from 25.08.2021

Safe charging with ROMIRA: ROMILOY® PC+ASA for wallboxes

News on e-mobility: The trend is continuing significantly: In 2020, more electric vehicles were registered worldwide than ever before, a record that is already certain to be broken in 2021. Meeting the growing demand requires that charging stations are not only available in public spaces, but that they are also made available to the end user. Wall charging stations - so-called wallboxes - are… Read more
News from 16.08.2021

ROMILOY® exhibits high material resistance

Disinfect without risk: Since the start of the Corona pandemic, disinfecting plastic surfaces has become a continuous task in our daily lives, whether in shops, offices or our own homes. This has brought about the issue of stress cracking, which was previously mostly important in the medical sector, but has now become relevant for many ordinary items of daily use, such as shopping carts. ROMIRA… Read more


News from 26.01.2023

FAKUMA Friedrichshafen

In Friedrichshafen, Germany, the FAKUMA opens its gates for the 29. time on October, 15-19, 2024. In 2022 the plastics fair proved again that FAKUMA is one of the most important fairs of this industry. At the fair center Friedrichshafen visitors will get a comprehensive overview over all relevant procedures, technoligies and products - of course also at the ROWA GROUP booth in hall B1 booth 1212!… Read more

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